Would you like to engage with more professionals within the UK legal sector?

If you are responsible for driving business growth in your company, we have a powerful mission tailored to your requirements and built to help you connect and engage with legal professionals and key decision makers in your primary target audience, whilst saving you time, effort and budget.

Our exceptional lead generation service is designed to turn cold data into hot high-quality leads, ensuring you reach your desired clientele effectively and efficiently. With our expertise in the legal sector and our dedication to your success, you can focus on running your department or business whilst we take care of the prospecting and handle much of the sales outreach process for you, allowing you to propel your business growth to new heights and establishing your company as a true thought leader in the legal sector.

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Words from Brett, Director at SCV Bespoke

In the world of businesses like yours, which provide important products and services to professionals in UK law firms, there's a continuous challenge – how to effectively connect with and engage your most important audience. Solicitors, as you know, have very busy lives. They focus on taking care of clients, going to their scheduled meetings, and making money.

When you're trying to sell to legal experts, you need a special approach, different from other industries. Dealing with the complex world of law requires a way of doing things that goes beyond the usual. To succeed in this challenging area, you might need insights that go beyond what you know personally, and even beyond your team's combined experience.

I've worked closely with suppliers in the UK legal field for over ten years. I've seen the unique difficulties they face on their journey. It's like being on a rollercoaster of emotions, watching my clients try to connect with and impress the people they most want to reach. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them succeed in this important goal.

Because of this passion and my experience, I started my own company in September 2021 – a time of global challenges for everyone. I was driven by a strong desire to use my knowledge and the things I've learned in this industry to do more for my clients than anyone else, and to offer a service that I'm really proud of.

If you're looking for a partner who understands the details of the UK legal world, who knows the obstacles in your way, and, most importantly, who knows exactly how to overcome these challenges with confidence, then let me introduce you to SCV Bespoke – your ideal collaborator.

Using my years of experience in running successful sales campaigns, along with my team's skills in sales, marketing, sourcing and compiling data, and working with suppliers in the legal sector, SCV Bespoke provides a unique way to generate leads. Our goal is to help you grow, increase how well people know your brand, and make you a respected leader in your field. But our main focus is clear – we want to help you find a steady stream of qualified leads, which can turn into loyal clients and help fuel your business growth.

You can trust SCV Bespoke to guide you toward success. We bring a wealth of expertise, an intimate understanding of the sector, and a strong commitment to helping you reach your goals. 

What Our Clients Say

Brett really went above and beyond to support us throughout the course of both our data cleanse and subsequent campaign, with a tailored approach to suit our needs and budget, and great communication throughout. Due to our being a small team with limited resource, the service SCV Bespoke provided was invaluable in enabling us to reach and engage with new contacts within the legal sector in a way that would have been completely unachievable on our own – we really viewed them as an extension of our in-house team! In particular, the telephony aspect delivered fantastic results for us. This is something we’d never tried before and we’re very grateful to Brett for all his guidance and knowledge of this area. I sincerely hope we will have the pleasure of working together again in the not-too-distant future.

Naomi Collison Marketing Manager, Remember A Charity

Brett is not at all salesy and is a pleasure to work with. He has been genuinely helpful and has gone over and above the call of duty.

David Gilmore Owner, DG Legal

Brett is always a joy to communicate with and has been very attentive to our needs. In the short time we've been working together, it's definitely proven to be successful and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

Jamie Aherne Director, Tracing Direct

Brett has been a pleasure to work with, whilst providing us with a high quality level of service and support. Brett also has a great knowledge of the legal sector and I can tell he understands our needs and the challenges we face.

Jim Hitch Director, Alkhamware Ltd

It's difficult not to be impressed with Brett and the team. Sourcing contact details for law firms can be a time consuming and costly business. If you are investing money, then you want there to be as little risk as possible. With SCV Bespoke, the level of service from Brett and the team means that you're able to use their data and sales support as a part of your client acquisition strategy with confidence. 

Jonny Cameron Director, Inbound Things

Brett has been supporting us for a couple of years, and it's always a pleasure to communicate with him. He and his team put in a lot of effort to understand our needs, and they have certainly helped us reach a broader audience of solicitors through their work.

Peter de Vena Franks Campaign Director, Will Aid

Working with an external company to generate leads can be quite daunting, but Brett and his team managed to transform the experience into an enjoyable and seamless journey. Their tremendous efforts in understanding our products and services yielded numerous positive results, propelling our campaign to success. We are looking forward to continuing working together.

Hong Tran Sales Manager, Accesspoint Legal

Brett brings energy, creativity and a can-do attitude to our project. His is the first email on a Monday morning, with a clear list of the projects he is helping us implement that week, with timings and milestones specified.

So far, Brett has helped us improve our social media presence by ensuring the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. He has provided a way of helping us reach out to many more potential clients through LinkedIN, resulting in direct sales enquires and far greater numbers of the right sort of followers. He has helped us build our prospect list in a difficult to reach market.

We intend to continue to use Brett's services for the foreseeable future. 

Alex Swann Director, Cansford Laboratories

We can build and deliver for you a bespoke outbound sales campaign

Here's how we take clients on a journey from prospecting, through to booked meetings with their key target audience.


We identify who your key target audience is.


We source and curate their most up-to-date contact details into an easily compatible spreadsheet.


We work out what you want to achieve, the messages you would like to share and then set out clear goals.


Utilising our knowledge of the sector, we design you a bespoke sales campaign, featuring a combination of weekly outbound activities.


Our experienced team of sales professionals deliver your targeted outbound campaign, which we call your engagement plan, whilst gathering data and statistics to provide you with a continuous in-depth analysis.

Why choose us?

We are in a valuable and unique position to be able to help our clients not only secure accurate contact details of their key target audience, but also effectively reach and engage with them through a variety of outbound sales activities that our experienced team deliver for you. We know the legal sector and we know how to market to them with confidence. We will save your sales department valuable time by sourcing prospects and contacting them on your behalf, allowing you to focus on closing more sales and turning the qualified leads we provide you with into fully fledged clients.

Seeing clients succeed and delivering them a great service is what motivates all of us here. There’s nothing better than hearing success stories and being part of that process. SCV Bespoke was created with this in mind.



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