Telephony/Lead Generation

Phoning prospects can still get results when done right. Let our experience telesales team handle it for you.

Why work with us


Generate leads and schedule appointments for you to close

Warm leads

Attract more visitors to your webinars and events. 


Gather important inside knowledge for your industry.


Outsource the hard part

Rather than training a new member of staff and dealing with all the additional tasks that come with employing someone, we can take all the pressure off by scheduling our experienced legal sector sales team to do all the groundwork for you.


Make more effective calls

Our team will have a consultation with you, to go over exactly what message it is you are wanting to share with the legal industry and your pre-set goals you are wanting to achieve, to put together a short script or several key bullet points, to effectively start making the outbound calls that could tee you up with many more clients.

At the end of the campaign, we will have the following

  1. 1
    Call Script Outline – this is key to ensuring the right questions are asked, objections are handled and the benefits of working with your business are clear.
  2. 2
    The Weekly Report – Monitoring and measuring KPI’s is vital to assess the success of a campaign or marketing approach.
  3. 3
    Database and qualifications process – All the key data of how the calls went and the contact details for you to follow up. We can work with your CRM or a spreadsheet and have a simple to follow qualifications process enabling all leads to be nurtured in your sales pipeline.
  4. 4
    Sample proactive and reactive emails – easy to adapt for your business and saving you time
  5. 5
    Sample LinkedIn connect messages and process