Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns that work, from targeting the right people to crafting the right message.

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Successful, targeted email campaigns

When helping our clients deliver a successful targeted emailing campaign, we usually ask the following three important questions:

1. Who are you looking to email?

2. What are your main objectives/goals? Is it brand awareness, thought leadership or a call to action?

3. When do you need to email them this information?

Once we understand this, we can put together the most effective email campaign to reach your key target audience, in the timeframe needed to help you achieve your goals.

We look at key elements of an email and what to include to make it work for you. For example, if you are looking to attract 50 key decision makers onto your next webinar taking place next week, we would design an email that has a clear call to action. If you are more wanting to educate the sector on a particular product/service, we could look more a mixture of content led emails and call to action emails.

Mass Solus Email

Emails from third party advertiser to a list of relevant subscribers.

Trickle Email

Also known as a drip campaign, this is a great way of automating messages.

Sequence Email

Send email based on user actions and interests.

Find out what works

Trial two email designs by utilising our A/B testing function and key insight into your prospect's behaviours.

Schedule follow ups

Stay connected with engaged prospects with a follow up scheduled auto-sender.