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Data Cleanse

Maybe you have prospects on your CRM system but incomplete data for them?

Or maybe you have prospects on your CRM system that may have out of date contact details?

Having a CRM with prospects with incomplete data can be extremely frustrating especially when trying to contact these individuals only to learn they are no longer at the company, or their email address has changed.

People move around all the time and with that, so do their contact details. It’s vital to keep on the pulse, having the most up-to-date contact details in your CRM system, to stay GDPR compliant when delivering any marketing and sales campaigns.

Our dedicated team cleanse the contact details for prospects within your CRM system and fill in any blanks or incorrect data you have, allowing you to deliver a fresh, more successful campaigns without breaking any GDPR guidelines.

Purchase a List

Before you can deliver a successful sales and marketing campaign, you need ideal prospects to communicate with.

With the help of our experienced data and research teams, we have compiled the most comprehensive legal database in the UK market, complete with key decision-making contacts from across 9,000 UK law firms.

Choose between job titles (such as Partners, Directors, Department heads, Solicitors etc.), practice areas (Wills & Probate, Property, Family, Litigation, Personal Injury etc.), geographical locations, size of firm and more, when deciding your ideal prospects and purchase their contact details, so you can immediately reach your target audience, and the best thing about purchasing our data is that we verify it up to the day of purchase, making sure all of their details are fully up to date and 100% accurate.

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Build Bespoke data list

Get directly to your key target audience no matter how hard it is to locate.

Maybe you have a more niche, ideal clientele in mind and you need our help to locate your key target audience. Our team will do all the leg work for you to locate the contact, then to source and curate their contact details, allowing you to build your dream idyllic CRM system filled with the most up-to-date contact details of your key target prospects.

The legal sector is vast, with over 200,000 qualified legal professionals in the UK. We can reach every corner of the UK legal market for you and compile you a list of your key target prospects.

Maybe you target another industry within the UK?

Don’t worry, our experienced data and research team can also source and curate you contact details of professionals in other sectors, such as Finance, Accountancy,  Property, Healthcare and more. 

List of Steps



Our experienced data & research team will source the most up-to-date contact details of your key target audience, providing an ideal foundation to communicate with them.



All the data is curated accurately into an easy to use password protected excel spreadsheet, compatible with your CRM system.



Whatever your purchase is, our team will verify all data before sending it across to you to ensure it is 100% accurate and up-to-date.