Our Story

SCV Bespoke was founded by Brett Shaw, who has worked in the legal sector for over 12 years. During that time, Brett has been lucky enough to have worked with many interesting clients in the professional services industry and seeing them be successful is what makes Brett passionate about this line of work. 

At first, SCV Bespoke's function was primarily to be a reputable data provider. Brett had seen many horror stories over the years of suppliers being ripped off by data providers and after having the same unpleasant experience happen to him, he decided suppliers within the legal sector deserved a brand that they can trust and rely upon. Brett teamed up with an experienced data professional and built a team that had both knowledge of the legal industry, and how to source and compile GDPR accurate data for clients.

However, soon after it's birth, it quickly evolved into much more. Brett soon realised, what use is cold data without being able to do anything with it? Brett utilised his knowledge of building and delivering highly successful and effective outbound sales campaigns and adapted the business into a legal industry specialised outbound lead generation service.

Brett and his team consult with you to establish your key target audience within the legal sector and discover the message you'd like to share with your prospects, your key sales objectives and goals you would like to achieve, to then design and confidently deliver what Brett proudly calls a bespoke engagement plan, equipped to help you penetrate a difficult sector, grow your brand awareness, position you as a thought leader and generate you an abundance of qualified leads to fuel your business growth.

If you would like to work with a company that knows the legal sector intimately and understands exactly how to generate new business from outbound sales campaigns, then SCV Bespoke is the right partner for you.


About Brett Shaw, Managing Director at SCV Bespoke

Brett will personally be guiding you through your sales journey, helping you by building an effective and tailored sales campaign, which he proudly calls a bespoke engagement plan, to achieve your business goals, whether it’s building brand awareness, generating more leads and ultimately sales or showcasing thought leadership.

Brett has worked within the legal sector for over 12 years and has helped hundreds of clients, through a variety of helpful and consultative ways. Brett has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and understands the struggles suppliers have reaching their target audience and is passionate for going above and beyond for clients to deliver them the best possible service and support.