January 4, 2023 11:06 am

Brett Shaw

Do you have a database full of cold legal sector data? Why not turn the contacts into qualified leads instead of letting them waste away?

After all, you spent a considerable amount of your time and effort compiling them.

Therefore, it makes sense to qualify them so you can get your Return on Investment (ROI)!

But before we go any further, what is a cold lead?

A cold lead is a person or organisation that has shown some interest in your products or business at some point. However, they could still need more time to make a decision. 

It could also be contacts acquired through your landing page after they used their email to sign up for a webinar or download an eBook. These need a little nurturing to help them see the value in your business. 

What is cold B2B data?

Cold B2B data is business contact details of a person or organisation that you have acquired either by sourcing and compiling the information yourself or you have purchased from a B2B data provider.

Now, let’s face it.

Approaching a cold contact, whether they originally showed interest in your service, or hasn’t come across your business yet, requires a lot of tact because mishandling them could put them off for good. 

So, how do you approach a cold contact in a way that won’t scare them?

How to Turn Cold Quality Data Into a Hot Lead

Here are a few tips:

Ensure the Leads have Current Details

Your contact list should be up-to-date. Sometimes people change jobs and phone numbers, get married or move locations. People’s situations changed all the time and the data moves quickly with this.

Follow the Law

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs how businesses interact with people’s business and personal information.

It protects and gives more rights to individuals regarding their data, and here are some of its principles:

  • Businesses shouldn’t collect more personal data than is necessary.
  • Organisations should protect data in their hands from unauthorised or unlawful access.

It’s vital to note that failure to follow GDPR guidelines can attract huge fines and reputation damage. 

Therefore, if you’re using a third-party company to help clean your data, ensure they are GDPR compliant.  

Plan for an Outbound Sales Campaign

An outbound campaign is a modern sales process aiming to push a particular message to your leads. It helps to initiate conversations, build relationships and drive engagement to move them towards a purchase decision. 

It requires a process of follow-ups, demos and negotiations. Some channels to do this would be:


Making calls to people that haven’t interacted with your business before.


Sending personalised emails to prospects. Emailing is less invasive as it allows people to unsubscribe if they aren’t interested.

Direct Postal Mailing

This method sends physical marketing materials like brochures, postcards or letters through the post office.

Social Media

You can create relevant posts on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This can amplify your brand’s presence in the market, especially if your posts go viral.

Train Your Staff

Ensure that your staff understand how to approach customers without appearing too pushy. They should keenly listen to customers and read cues to see who is ready to buy, needs more time or requires a little more convincing.

They should also be fully conversant with the product or service, as they need to be able to answer questions to make them appear trustworthy.

It also helps to prepare scripts containing content on what to say to avoid going blank while making a presentation. 

Need Help Turning That Cold Legal Data Sector Data Into Hot Leads?

If you’re not actively turning your cold leads into market-qualified leads, you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue. 

SCV Bespoke can help you convert your cold legal contacts into hot leads. We specialise in helping businesses that want to engage with more legal professionals, by putting together a bespoke outbound sales campaign and delivering it for them, built to grow their brand awareness, position them as a thought leader within the sector and ultimately generate them hot leads and win them new business.

If you would like to chat about your requirements, then feel free to contact me on 07480 990 290 or email me at brett@scvbespoke.co.uk.